Conversion - Christine Aero 1/2

Rev - Nov 11, 2017

 By Jan Zumwalt (EAA #66327)

Here are the mechanical specification of the Christine according to a print out I found:

Bore: 94 mm forged pistons
Stroke: 86 mm forged chromoly crank
Heads: vw dual plug. hemi cut chamber
Compression: 8 to 1
Displacement: 1200cc
Dry Weight: 82 lbs
Weight Wet: 92 lbs
Oil: 2.5 US quarts
Fuel: Minimum 100LL AVGAS or 91 MOGAS
TBO: 1000 hrs
Power: 48 BHP at 3200 rpm

The photo shows the typical cut heads and prop hub on the pulley end of the crank. It also has cast iron cylinders. 48hp is past the expected limit for this head and cylinder to be able to dissipate heat. A 94mm x 82mm stroker will have camshaft clearance issues so this engine very likely is re-machined. crank.

Christine Aero was sold to a company owned by Pat Tafta which eventually sold the design to another person in Ohio or Illinois who is still building them...