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Rev - Oct 19, 2017

By Jan Zumwalt (EAA #66327)

This site is dedicated to the conversion of VW
air cooled engines for homebuilt aircraft use.


VwEngineConversion.com provides engine information, reference, design information, and engineer's notes as a free public service and makes no claim as to the suitability, dependability, or safety of the information that is provided.

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Kenneth Winter

I have a dreaded Hapi magnum engine. Who can I talk to about this.

Published on 15.12.2017 18:29:27, from Tazewell
Kenneth Winter

Hello.. I have bought one of the dreaded HAPI Magnum vw engines.. Who can I talk to to determine if I have the updated crank and Prop hub.. Im new to vw engines

Published on 15.12.2017 18:28:22, from Tazewell
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